Library Friends

Recently, I was asked by my local Library to consider taking on the position of Chairman of their ‘Friends of the Library’ group. I have to admit that initially I was reluctant – I do a lot of charity work and even work with a lot of local groups as part of my business, so taking on another role in the local community felt like it might be too much .. but then I remembered … BOOKS!

It’s all happened quite quickly and I shall be voted in on the 10th May but yesterday I went along to a regional meeting of local friends’ groups and had a great time! I got to have a good chat with our wonderful Librarian, Carol, and get to know her more – we discovered that we are pretty similar in personality which I suppose shouldn’t be such a surprise as we are both avid readers and book lovers!

I also got the chance to meet the people that run our local libraries in Devon, Libraries Unlimited.

Libraries Unlimited is a new and independent staff and community owned charity, established in April 2016. We are a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Our formally registered name is Libraries Unlimited South West.

Our mission is to bring ideas, imagination, knowledge and creativity to people’s lives and communities through our six core purposes:

  • Promoting and encouraging a love of reading
  • Providing free access to information to help people in their everyday lives
  • Inspiring people of all ages to learn, imagine, create, succeed and realise their potential
  • Guiding and supporting people to explore and connect to the wider world
  • Offering a welcoming space to meet, socialise, learn, read and enjoy new experiences
  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals and local communities.

It was lovely hearing from the Chairman (Julie Dent), the CEO (Ciara Eastell), the Fundraising Director and Marketing Department – it made me realise that they’re not just saying thank you and running off, they spent the entire morning with us, thanking us for our help and support and making us feel really part of the team – hats off to them for that for sure!

It was really lovely meeting and chatting with the other friends groups too – as a total newbies I listened intently and wrote many notes of ideas and questions and feel that I have a lot of thoughts and ideas to take to the committee as soon as I am voted in – I hope they realise what they have let themselves in for!

In the last 10 mins or so I ended up chatting with the Ciara and Julie and the fact that I write this blog slipped out .. they both asked me for the address and I reluctantly gave it to them so if they are reading this ..


Do you have a Library friends group where you live and if so, are you involved? What events do you run? Do you have any suggestions I can steal?

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Book Management

How do you manage your books? I’m talking keeping track of your wish list, your TBR piles, books you’ve read etc.

Do you rely on GoodReads?

Or are you a little more .. dare I say … ‘specific’ and keep a spreadsheet?

I have been putting together a spreadsheet over the past couple of days to try to get back in control of my books. My physical TBR pule is approx. 125 or so books and that is OK, but the number of eBooks I have is out of control!

In the past I have snatched books up because they were free without paying much attention to whether they were the first in a series or not, whether I actually wanted to read them or even if I had already got them! I think if I was going to continue to keep reading as a bit of a hobby that I did now and again, it wouldn’t be such an issue, but as I want to read more and make a good blog out of it, I think I need to be a little more structured!

I have gone through and deleted all the books I have that are part of a series where I don’t have or haven’t read the first in the series; I have also gotten rid of anything that contains erotica and/or vampires (two things I have gone off massively of late) and then concentrated on trying to get rid of duplicated that I had between Kindle, Nook, iBooks and elsewhere!

I think I managed to get of about 500 books .. which is great, but I’m ashamed that I needed to get rid of that many!

If you would like to have a look at my sheets, please do!

My TBR Sheet

My Read List

My Wish List

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